Doug Pederson is “frustrated” and “pissed off” at self-inflicted mistakes


As Doug Pederson waited on hold Monday morning for his weekly interview on WIP, he heard the results of the show’s poll question.

Of more than 5,500 votes cast, more than 73 percent of responders blamed coaching for the Eagles’ 10-point loss to the Giants.

Pederson threatened to hang up on host Angelo Cataldi.

“Good morning, Angelo,” Pederson said, via a transcript from “Thanks for the lead in. I appreciate that. That was awesome. Listen, that just puts me in a great mood today. Already in a good mood, appreciate it. . . . Can I hang up now? I’m filling my obligation now if I hang up.”

Pederson said he was “pissed off,” and repeated the phrase several times just so everyone was clear about how he was feeling Monday.

“I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off at myself. I’m pissed off at the way we played,” Pederson said. “It frustrates me. It frustrates me to no end. We have too much pride. I have too much pride. These players have too much pride. We work our ass off during the week. It’s frustrating. It is frustrating. Blame it on me all you want. I’ll handle it with the players. You can blame it on me. I’m a big guy. I can handle it. That’s fine. But this is . . . we’re self-inflicting ourselves. We are killing ourselves. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. All those cliche little statements are still showing up, and it’s frustrating.”

If it’s any consolation, the Eagles, at 3-5-1, remain in the NFC East lead in what is shaping up as the worst division in NFL history.